Cultivate more calm by starting a meditation practice with us

It’s inevitable to experience stressful moments throughout the day, but it’s how we deal with stressful moments that may be most important. From traffic and technology to work and relationships, there is a never-ending list of stressors that bombard most of us on a daily basis. A calming meditation can be incredibly helpful.

The idea of letting go of stress entirely can seem idealistic to many, but the truth is when it’s done with a conscious effort, it’s entirely possible to regain control over your thought processes. Our MBSR course includes 8 weekly sessions to help develop awareness of stress and learning how to reframe negative emotions. The course includes body scans and visualizations to truly get to the root of stress that manifests in the body, and then visualize what your days look like without the added weight of stress and anxiety.

Be kind to your mind today and every day.

MBSR Course Content


Introduction to formal mindfulness meditation methods

Body-scan meditation

Mindful Movement

Sitting meditation 

3 Step Breathing Space
Both regular and difficult coping 

Daily home formal and informal practice

Formal 30-45 mins per day and informal throughout duration of course

Group Discussions

Discussions between the teacher and group participants within sessions

Learning to integrate in daily life

Discussions and sharing of areas highlighted which link the practices to the everyday

Course Structure


A pre-course session to meet the participant and to agree if the course right for them at this point in their lives

8 Weekly Sessions
Approximately 2 - 2.5 hrs (dependent on class size)

Silent Retreat
A day long guided and structured silent day of mindfulness practice

What You Will Gain


Growing compassion for yourself and others


Exploration of new possibilities within yourself


Fostering a sense of self acceptance

Breathe easy.

Sign up to our 8 Week MBSR Course today and bring yourself towards a healthier, happier, more enjoyable life.

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